BioCare® Window Fly Trap - 1 pk of 4 traps

Non-toxic trap is invisible to flies.
  • BioCare® Window Fly Trap - 1 pk of 4 traps
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Flies that find their way into your home can be such a nuisance, as well as be a source of contamination and disease. Once in, they are attracted to your food and the light and heat from your windows. Here is a way to trap them without ugly sticky tapes! All kinds of flies – house flies, cluster flies, garbage flies, blow flies, or blue bottle flies – are naturally attracted to southern and western exposure windows. The BioCare Window Fly Trap has a pretty blue clover pattern on a clear background. If noticed at all, it is so much nicer than unsightly fly strips hanging where flies may or may not find them.

Attach the BioCare Window Fly Trap to windows, tiles, metal, or wooden surfaces - wherever flies accumulate. Simply peel off the paper from the mounting strip and attach the trap to whatever surface you want. If you place it in a window, make sure it will not contact drapes, cords, or blinds (in case of contact, you can remove glue with vegetable oil). Then peel off the front paper to expose the sticky side. When the trap is full (or after 2 months), simply dispose of it in your garbage.

Each package contains 4 traps.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Flies (mult)


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