OMRI LISTED. Stop Weeds Before They Start With This Environmentally Friendly Weed Barrier Made From Biodegradable Paper.
  • WeedGuardPlus - 24 in x 50 ft roll - 2 pk
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WeedGuardPlus® is an environmentally friendly way to stop weeds before they start in your flower bed, garden or field.

WeedGuardPlus is 100% opaque, so weeds can't get light and therefore can't grow. This product is made from specially engineered cellulose fiber (a paper-like material) that does not contain harmful chemicals. It contains a wet-strength component that is FDA approved, so it can withstand heavy rains.

As a natural mulch, it is a great alternative to plastic. WeedGuardPlus will last up to eight months and any remaining pieces can be tilled into the soil at the end of the season to finish decomposing. Now OMRI Certified!

WeedGuardPlus has excellent porosity which permits air and water transmission to your soil. The opaqueness of this product helps soil retain moisture and absorbs sunlight early in the season, warming your soil, aiding germination and early plant development.

TIP: Spring can be a windy time of year so be sure to cover the edge of the WeedGuardPlus with 2" of soil extending at least 5-6 inches from the edge to hold it in place. Sprinkle it with water to help it conform to the soil bed. Either sow seeds in between the strips or create holes in the paper to sow your seeds or plant your seedlings.

If you wish to use Weed Guard Plus in a smaller area or for container gardening, it can be cut with scissors to conform to the area. It is about as thick as a business card, but is pliable. You can custom fit it to any layout.


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