WeedGuard Plus® Organic - Heavy Weight Rolls

OMRI Listed. This Tough Weed Block Will Hold Up Under The Elements!
  • Smooth Finish - 36" x 100'
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Environmentally friendly WeedGuardPlus Organic can save you worry, work, money and time and help increase your yields. This OMRI certified paper weed block can be used by organic or conventional growers and is adaptable to nearly any size growing operation in nearly any environment.

  • 100% biodegradable: Will slowly degrade over the months of your growing season, adding valuable organic material to your soil. Once you harvest, you can simply till WeedGuardPlus under and you will have healthier soil for your next year's crop. In fact, you can add 400 lbs. of carbon per acre if you do this. So much better than unsightly plastic that has to be removed.
  • Saves time: Just lay WeedGuardPlus down before you plant and save yourself countless hours of weeding, spraying or disposing of materials. You can also apply it right on top of existing weeds and/or invasive plant roots and smother them out.
  • Saves money: No need to buy expensive herbicides. It also eliminates the costs involved weeding labor and in the removing and disposing of plastics.
  • Improves yields: Your plants will have a chance to establish themselves without competing with weeds. Additionally, if you apply WeedGuardPlus early in the season (which is strongly suggested), the material will help warm the soil and aid germination. Well established plants = healthier plants = higher yields.
  • Porous yet strong: This covering is porous, so plants can be watered by natural rainfall or by other means. It also allows air to flow, so that delicate roots and leaves will not be overheated by the sun. The heavy weight variety maintains this porosity while still being able to withstand all but the most severe of weather.
  • Creped Finish WeedGuardPlus can be applied by machine or by hand. The creped version is highly flexible and best for machine applications. But any type can be laid down by hand and trimmed to fit a particular size and/or shape you may need.
WeedGuardPlus is not just for gardening. It is also an excellent choice for:

  • Landscaping/Xeriscapes: Great for decorative areas that are contoured - just trim to fit a shape. Grow a lush lawn - lay over old lawn, bare areas or weeds; add topsoil and grass seed and watch your grass grow!
  • Edible landscapes: This cross between gardening and landscaping has found a following in urban areas and backyards across the country. Creates a weed-free division between the garden and decorative areas.
  • Botanical gardens: Pamper unusual or just beautiful plants by allowing them to flourish weed-free.
  • Habitat Restorations: Removing invasive species and replacing them with native ones while avoiding toxic pesticides is the goal here. WeedGuardPlus can easily subdue those unwanted non-native plants and help the native ones to grow.
  • Reforestation: The U.S. Forest Service uses WeedGuardPlus to help new tree plantings get established. This has been wildly successful in California for bringing forests back from wildfires. In one such project in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, seedlings planted with WeedGuardPlus achieved a 95.9% survival rate.
These durable Heavy Weight rolls are excellent for textured soils and/or those projects that are meant to be long-term, such as landscaping (use 2 layers when establishing new plantings), re-forestation and long-season or overwintered crops. They are 54% heavier than the standard rolls and offer weed control that lasts 12 or more months. Choose the creped option for option for machine application.

Suggested Uses: Use in organic or conventional growing for super weed suppression and to boost yields in an environmentally friendly manner.


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