The War on Bugs by Will Allen

The history of pesticides
  • The War on Bugs by Will Allen
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In The War on Bugs , Will Allen has drawn on his more than thirty years of experience as an organic farmer and his active involvement in many consumer-related organizations to expose the secret history of pesticides. He details with dozens of original advertisements and promotions the century and a half struggle between farmers and consumers on the one hand and advertisers, editors, scientists, large scale farmers, government agencies, and chemical companies on the other. They have been at war over what to do about bugs, disease, and fungus. Farmers and consumers have been advised to use all sorts of pesticides. By using chemicals, a second, more devastating war has been waged against the land and the people who live on it.

The War on Bugs chronicles this war from its very roots back in the new Crown colonies. He then step by step delves into the new idea presented to farmers and consumers to get them to buy the latest new products to solve whatever infestation they might have had. Every chapter has notes to verify his sources. The illustrations more than make his points! It is absolutely amazing to see the cartoons and advertisements from long ago, compare those from recent years, and realize they all have the same purpose. Will Allen calls out to all of the readers to wake up and stop poisoning our food, water, air, and ourselves.

ISBN: 9781933392462
Book Format: Paperback with two-color illustrations
Dimensions: 9" x 9"
Number of Pages: 304

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