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VetEssentials™ Skin & Wound Spray - 8 oz

VetEssential Skin and Wound Spray Provides Relief From Skin Irritations and Conditions for Dogs, Cats & Horses
  • VetEssentials™ Skin & Wound Spray - 8 oz
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This is an effective and non-toxic spray for use on all mammals and birds when treating hot spots. Effective for itching, cuts, insect bites, scratches, wounds, punctures, burns, rashes, abrasions, skin fungus, rain rot, thrush, cinch bug bites, fungus, lesions and wound odors. This non-irritating spray-on formula helps relieve skin related conditions and irritations. There is no rinsing required after use and it will not stain or cauterize the infected tissue. Safe to use on nursing animals.

For external use only, consult your veterinarian for systemic conditions.

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