Veganic Special Sauce - 2 lbs

A Beneficial Microbe Mixture Formulated to Improve Overall Growth and Blooms.
  • Veganic Special Sauce - 2 lbs
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Veganic Special Sauce contains 13 species of beneficial bacteria and fungi formulated for best results in a variety of growing conditions and mediums. Inoculating with Veganic Special Sauce forms a symbiotic relationship between the roots of your plants and the beneficial fungi and bacteria. In turn, this relationship improves nutrient uptake by increasing the surface area of the root zone, improves disease resistance by taking the place where something more harmful could take up residence, and results in a more robust plant. A concentrated microbial tea, Veganic Special Sauce is derived from plant and mineral sources and is free of toxic materials, pathogens, and heavy metals. It can be used throughout the growing season applied as a dry application, foliar feed, brewed tea mixture, or in hydroponics systems.

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