Terroir Seeds - Stupice Tomato

Easy To Grow, Hard To Pronounce – Say "Stu-pitza".
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This exceptional tomato is a Czechoslovakian immigrant bred by Milan Sodomka and introduced to North America in the mid-1970's. This indeterminate plant is a potato leaf variety and can grow to be as much as 4' tall. It will produce a continuous heavy yield of small to medium sized (about 2" x 2" in diameter or 3-6 oz.)red fruit in clusters. The fruit of the Stupice Tomato has a rich, somewhat tangy flavor that deepens throughout the long season. These tomatoes are very early producers and love cool weather, which makes them a great choice for areas with short summers. They are also extremely adaptable and are tolerant of heat and drought. Perfect when eaten right off the vine, the Stupice tomato is also extraordinary when cooked or dried.

Days To Maturity: 52-85


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