Terroir Seeds - Romaine Blend Lettuce

A Delightful Mix Of Three Extraordinary Romaines!
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  • Terroir Seeds - Romaine Blend Lettuce
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Why choose one romaine when you can have three? This custom blend combines Cimmaron, Freckles and Jericho varieties of lettuce to create the ultimate romaine offering. Each offers the taste and versatility that are the hallmarks of romaine lettuce, but each also brings something just different enough to compliment the other three:

  • The Cimmaron will provide, broad, flat 10-12" heads. The leaves are green close to the heart, but turn deep red with a bronze sheen to them as they grow outward. The gorgeous reds of this romaine become deeper as temperatures drop.
  • Freckles is also known as "Forellenschluss", which means "speckled like a trout's back". It will produce loose, medium sized (8-12") romaine heads. The leaves are light to dark green and covered with pomegranate-red speckles. This variety is so sweet that some people think of it as more of a butter lettuce than a romaine.
  • Jericho lettuce will have 14-18" high heads of bright green leaves. These heads can be surprisingly dense, often 2-4 pounds. Jericho was bred for dry, hot conditions; but because it has resistance to downy and powdery mildew, it is also great in rainy or humid areas.

Enjoy these beautiful romaines individually or as a medley in your salad.

Days To Maturity: 50-85


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