Terroir Seeds - Oak Leaf Lettuce

Lactuca sativa var. crispa

First Introduced Before the Revolutionary War, This Lettuce Is Fantastic For Salads!
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  • Terroir Seeds - Oak Leaf Lettuce
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This wonderful leaf lettuce has been cultivated continuously since it was first introduced by the French company Vilmorin in 1771. As the name implies, this lettuce will form rosettes of deeply lobed leaves (of about 6") whose shape is reminiscent of an oak leaf. These ruffly leaves make for a very ornamental plant that will maintain its beauty by producing more inner leaves as you harvest the outer ones. This lettuce is equally good in its baby stage as it is full grown. This Oak Leaf Lettuce performs well in cooler climates and also resists heat and bolting to keep its flavor late into summer. To assure the longest possible shelf life, harvest your lettuce late in the day.

Days To Maturity: 38-60


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