Terroir Seeds - Frisee Endive

Cichorium endive var. crispa

This Lacy Green Adds A Unique Pop Of Flavor To Any Salad.
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  • Terroir Seeds - Frisee Endive
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The Frisee Endive offers an explosion of finely cut, pretty lacy edged leaves with an uncommon and yummy somewhat nutty flavor. This endive offers more than great looks and taste; it is also high in fiber and chock-full of vitamins and minerals. This green has become popular in mesclun and other gourmet salad blends, making it familiar to a wider range of people that it had been previously. Endive can be susceptible to sun damage, especially its delicate inner leaves, resulting in bitter or woody tasting greens. In order to combat this, many gardeners favor blanching the plants by tying up the heads with a broad rubber band. This plant loves cool temperatures and is perfectly suited for planting in the spring and the fall.


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