Terroir Seeds - De Cicco Broccoli

Brassica oleracea

This Heirloom Broccoli Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
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  • Terroir Seeds - De Cicco Broccoli
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Introduced in 1890, De Cicco broccoli is an old school Italian variety that continues to please today. This super-producing plant can grow 2-3' tall and will produce 3-4" bluish-green that protrude slightly above the foliage. Once you cut the main head, many more side shoots will develop. Each of these side shoots will, in turn, produce loads of small to medium sized heads all summer long. If you want a still greater production of these delectable side shoots (some compare the flavor to broccolini), harvest the main head before it reaches 3" in diameter. Maturity is variable with these plants and their side shoots, which means a longer harvest for you. De Cicco broccoli freezes well, which may serve you well with the heavy yields you will be getting.

Days to Maturity: 45-85


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