Terroir Seeds - Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Brassica oleracea

This Cabbage Is An Oldie But A Goodie.
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  • Terroir Seeds - Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
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The Early Jersey Wakefield brings with it an impressive heirloom lineage; it was first introduced around 1840. This cabbage produces early and enthusiastically; you would be hard pressed to find a better cabbage for early spring planting. The conical-shaped heads will be smallish (2-3 lbs.) and dense, with a small core and wide protective outer leaves. These heads hold their shape and resist splitting. The compact features of this cabbage make it especially well-suited for raised beds and smaller gardens. The uniquely sweet flavor of this cabbage is outstanding whether eaten raw in salads and slaws, pickled or cooked.

Days To Maturity: 64


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