Terroir Seeds - Boston Pickling Cucumber

Cucumis sativus

These Cucumbers Make Wicked Good Pickles!
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First offered by D.M. Ferry and Co. in 1880, this prolific plant is probably the one many people saw growing in their grandma's garden. This dynamic plant will put out masses of vigorous vines that will need trellising of some sort to handle the abundance of cucumbers it will yield. The Boston Pickling cucumber will continue to bear fruit as long as it's kept picked. Some gardeners have reported harvesting over 30 quarts of cukes for pickles and others say they have gotten a year's supply of pickles in a few months' time. It seems clear that no matter how much fruit you will get off this plant, it will be a lot. The fruit will be smooth and vivid green with a gentle taper and a black spine. The solid yet crisp flesh and thin skin makes for a perfectly wonderful pickle that keeps its crunch in the jar. While this fruit can grow to about 6", it is best to harvest them when they are 2-6" long. They are not only at their peak of flavor at that size; they will also fit perfectly in a jar for pickling. These cukes are not just for pickling; they are awesome simply sliced as well. Scab resistant and tolerant to cucumber mosaic.

Days To Maturity: 50-60


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