Terroir Seeds - Armenian Pale Green Cucumbers

Cucumis melo

No Matter How You Slice It, This Armenian Cucumber Is Sure To Please!
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  • Terroir Seeds - Armenian Pale Green Cucumbers
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The remarkable Armenian Pale Green Cucumber has a lineage that goes all the way back to the 1400s, when it was brought to Italy from Armenia. Also known as the Armenian Burpless, Guta, Yard Long and Snake or Serpent Cucumber, this heirloom has survived for 100s of years due to its many fine qualities. This burpless cucumber has skin that is easy to digest, not bitter and is supple enough to never need peeling. In fact, this variety is considered to be one of the best slicing cukes around. These very prolific plants will produce lots of juicy, delicious, light green fruit with distinctive heavy ribbing. The fruit can grow to about 24-36" x 3-4" diameter; but for optimal flavor, pick them between12-18". Although these cucumbers are made for slicing, they are also excellent in stir fries or soups and as pickles.

Days To Maturity: 50-75


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