Tangle-Trap® Sticky Coating

Use This Coating Directly on Plants or to Prepare or Refresh Your Insect Traps - Tangle Trap is a must for the Red Sphere Apple Maggot Traps!
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Back in 1885, the Thum brothers started making flypaper using a unique and super-effective adhesive that they created from castor oils, resin and wax. This flypaper proved to be what the public wanted and, in 1923, their company officially became known as The Tanglefoot Company. Over the years, the need for flypaper has waned but the demand for non-toxic pest control solutions has grown and Tanglefoot continues to provide a first-rate solution.

This OMRI listed, versatile Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating brush-on adhesive is easy and ready-to use. It can be used to re-coat old traps for continued use or to coat new traps whether they are commercially made or homemade. traps or you can create your own using almost any non-porous material such as old plastic plates, waxed cardboard, wood, plastic cups or milk cartons.

The brush-on application of this particular adhesive makes it a breeze to apply to any traps with a contoured surface.

Once you have coated your trap, tie it up or attach it to a stake in your garden, greenhouse, yard, orchard or field. Suspending traps in the air will help to avoid accidental contact with children or pets.

Tangle-Trap is clear and odorless, so it will not interfere with any color attractants or lures you may choose to use. For best results, observe carefully and experiment lavishly until you find the perfect combination of location and trap type for your pest control needs.

Tangle Trap is an adhesive paste that allows you to capture flying insects (whitefly, aphids, fungus gnats, leafminer, flies, thrips, apple maggot flies) or crawling insects (ants, beetles and others) without using harmful pesticides.

Tangle Trap does not mask the color of or attractants that are on traps!


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