Summerset AllDown® - Case Sizes

OMRI Listed. An Acetic and Citric Acid Based Product That's An Worry-Free Alternative to Oil-Based Herbicides.
Summerset AllDown is OMRI certified in the Concentrate formula only.
  • RTU - Case of 12 (32 oz)
    SKU: 1453872
  • $115.00
  • RTU - Case of 4 (1 Gals)
    SKU: 1453873
  • $58.50
  • RTU - Case of 2 (2.5 Gals)
    SKU: 1453874
  • $52.00
  • Concentrate - Case of 4 (1 Gals)
    SKU: 1453870
  • $140.50
  • Concentrate - Case of 2 (2.5 Gals)
    SKU: 1453871
  • $140.50
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Summerset AllDown Concentate is OMRI certified.

Summerset AllDown is a non-selective broadleaf herbicide, will make quick work of your unwanted weeds and grasses without resorting to harsh chemicals. AllDown acts as a burn-down herbicide by attacking the protective cuticle of the plant, causing it to rapidly weaken and die. The corrosive qualities that weeds find so devastating come from citric and acetic acid. Feel free to use AllDown liberally; these natural ingredients will not persist in the soil and build up to harmful levels. As with other weed killers, be sure to apply AllDown only on those plants that you want to remove. AllDown comes in two formulations - RTU and Concentrated. The concentrated version is OMRI certified, so you can be confident that the ingredients have been scrutinized and found to conform to strict organic standards.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:

  • Annual broadleaf weeds such as: chickweed, black medic, cinquefoil, lambs quarter, mustard species, oxalis, pigweed, ragweed species, shepherd's purse, stinkweed, portulaca, round-leaf mallow.
  • Perennial weeds such as: Canada thistle, cinquefoil (silvery), common burdock, dandelion, ground ivy (Creeping Charlie), plaintain, spotted spurge, toadflax, tufted vetch, wild carrot, etc.
  • Annual grasses such as: Foxtail series, crabgrass, barnyard grass, seedling Johnson grass, etc.
  • Perennial grasses such as: Quack grass, common Bermuda grass, ryegrass, etc.


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