Strawberry Root Weevils

Strawberry Root Weevil, Otiorhynchus ovatus

Adult root weevils are snout beetles of various species. They are light brown to black in color, and all have hard-shelled bodies with rows of pits on the elytra. They feed at night and hide within the crowns of plants during the day. Root weevil adults do not fly. Root weevil larvae have curved white or pink bodies that are about 0.38 inch long when full grown. They have distinct brown heads, but no legs.

Larvae feed on the roots of strawberry plants and can completely devour small rootlets and destroy the bark and cortex of larger roots. Injured plants often wilt because the roots can no longer provide moisture for leaves. Weevil larvae can also be found burrowed into the lower portion of the plant's crown. Adults feed on foliage and remove large scallops from the leaves. Such leaf damage is a good indication that weevils are present, but is not economically damaging to the plants. Root weevils have a single generation each. They overwinter as mature larvae in the soil. In the spring, they resume feeding and can cause extensive damage before they pupate. Please see the list of control products below.

Photo courtesy of: Oregon State University, IPM

For information about different species of weevil click here.

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