Milk Jugg™ Trap - 2 Pack

The Perfect Way To Repurpose Old Milk Jugs!
  • Milk Jugg™ Trap - 2 Pack
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If you drink milk, juice or water out of plastic gallon jugs and you have flies bothering you, this clever trap provides a way to marry the two. Rinse out the jug, fill it with water and attractant, pop on the escape-proof plastic top and you are in the fly trap business.

  • These traps are reusable, so you can either take the trap off and dispose of the milk jug when it is full or rinse it out and start over.
  • This product is only effective on filth breeding flies, not for use against biting flies.
  • Not for indoor use for two reasons: the attractant is quite smelly and it's utterly irresistible to flies. Since you are trying to rid yourself of flies, it's best to put this trap away from where you spend most of your time.
  • Comes with illustrated instructions.
Suggested Uses: Use to trap and kill filth breeding flies.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Attracts filth-breeding flies, including house flies (Musca domestica), blow flies (Calliphoridae spp.), flesh flies (Sarcophagidae spp.), blue bottle flies (Calliphora vomitoria), green bottle flies (Lucilia sericata), dump flies (Hydrotaea) and dung flies (Scathophagidae).


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