JT Eaton Large Spider & Cricket Trap

  • JT Eaton Large Spider & Cricket Trap
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The secret to success for this insect trap lies in the glue. The non-drying and non-flowing adhesive in the Pest Catchers Large Spider & Cricket Glue Trap has been designed specifically to withstand a wide range of temperatures without stiffening in the cold or losing its effectiveness. This super sticky glue is thick enough that the insects will sink down into it for a secure capture. The low profile design of this trap makes it easy to slide in and out under low hanging furniture or cabinets and its thermo-formed plastic outer collection tray prevents glue seepage, insect overflow and accidental adhesion to objects. This all makes for a simple and clean disposal. The cherry scented attractant will entice and ultimately capture many crawling insects and even small mice. Not recommended for outdoor use due to the risk of pets or wildlife becoming stuck to it. This non-poisonous product is ideal for using in storage areas of both commercial and home kitchens; just be sure to place it where the kids or pets can't get to it.


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