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Our Soil Probe Can Help You Use Water More Efficiently in the Garden
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Use our Soil Probe to Test How Deep Water has Penetrated into the Soil.

The Soil Probe is a simple and very easy-to-use device that will help you determine the quality of your plant watering practices. After you use the soil probe, you will be able to use what you learn to make adjustments that will make your water use more efficient and effective.

The trick to effective watering is to give your plants enough water without giving them too much water. Too little water and the plants wilt and can die; too much water starves the roots of oxygen. The keys to correct watering are:

  • Water to the correct depth for the type of plant. When you water too deeply, the water and nutrients in the soil are wasted. Watering to a shallow depth produces poorly developed roots and the plant is not likely to achieve optimum health.
  • Water at the appropriate frequency. Too often or not often enough can kill or severely impact the development and health of the plant.

Our Soil Probe is made in the vocational education department of Amphitheater High School, a local Tucson high school, by students learning to weld. All of the money from the sale of these probes is paid to the school.

Soil Probe Thickness: roughly 1/4"

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