Soil Mender® Kelp Meal, 1-0-2

All-purpose soil additive that will enrich your soil and enliven your plants!
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Soil Mender Kelp Meal is a soil additive with an N-P-K of 1-0-2 that is mild enough not to burn your plants, but powerful enough to help enhance your soil with rich micronutrients and trace minerals. Kelp meal stimulates microbial activity, root growth and helps soil retain water. Use any time of the year and on all plants – vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, roses, lawns and houseplants. Just sprinkle it on the soil and water in. Kelp meal is excellent for increasing the 'cook' in your compost pile or bin also.

Read and follow the product label.

Suggested Use Instructions:

  • Apply at 1 pound per 100 square feet, 3 times per growing season.
  • Double to 2 pounds per 100 square feet in the autumn to prepare plants for winter's tough weather.
  • Sprinkle onto soil, water in.


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