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Soil Mender® Bonsai Soil

Make sure that your bonsai receive as much love from the soil as they do from you!
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Bonsai is a Japanese art form of growing miniature trees in containers. This specialized form of gardening requires special tools and attention to the specimen plant(s). Soil Mender Bonsai Soil has been specially formulated using an excellent quality, finished compost as the base. Expanded shale and lava sand have been added, along with other medium to create a complete soil that will feed and nourish your precious plant for a long time. It is recommended that soil is replaced yearly to maintain robust bonsai plants.

When using Soil Mender Bonsai Soil, make sure to place a porous material such as expanded shale in the bottom of the pot. It is recommended that this porous material should fill approximately 10% of the volume of the container.

Read and follow the product label.

Suggested Use Instructions:

  • Before you plant – plan. Consider what direction your plant will be arranged in the pot and how the pot shape and size will affect future growth.
  • Fill about 10% of pot with a porous material, such as expanded shale.
  • Break up soil in bag; place a thin layer of soil on the porous material.
  • Create a mound where you will place the plant. Carefully trim plant roots and place on the mound of soil mix.
  • Add Soil Mender Bonsai Soil and work in and around the roots to remove all air pockets. Do not pack too tightly – plant roots need air and water to move around them.
  • Don't cover initial root flare of bonsai but do cover all feeder roots. Make sure the soil level is not too high.
  • Water soil and follow watering instructions for the plant you have chosen to bonsai. It is typical in bonsai to allow soil to dry between watering.


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