Takes The Fight Out Of Spider Mites!
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This highly effective miticide is made from food-grade Geraniol, Peppermint, Cottonseed and Rosemary oils. What sets SMITE apart is how it's made: the oils are naturally grown and carefully harvested and then cold-pressed for extraction to preserve their purity; no heat or chemical solvents are used. This pure oil is then micronized and amplified in a patented process that offers superior spreadability over the treated area, deeper penetration into pest pores and faster absorption for quick control.

  • Kills spider mite eggs and adults on contact by suffocation
  • Works as a preventative control by disrupting the reproductive cycle in any mites that the spray may have missed. SMITE causes infertility, eggs that don't hatch and mites that will never grow to adults.
  • Can be used all crops and in all stages of growth - from seed to flower to harvest.
  • Under warm conditions, SMITE will naturally degrade with little or no residue.
  • Due to its mechanical mode of action (suffocation), mites cannot become immune to SMITE.
  • Can be sprayed up to and past harvest. However, adequate amount of time for drying should be allotted before making extracts and/or consuming.
  • Made to be easily applied as a foliar spray.
A little goes a long way with this exceptional and highly concentrated pesticide - the 2 oz. size makes 2 gallons of ready to use product!

Suggested Uses: For use as a foliar spray to control spider mite infestations on crops, lawns and ornamentals.

Application Rate: 1.0 fl. oz. (29.6 mL) per 1 gal. of water applied every 5-7 days during spider mite infestations. 3.0 fl. oz. of concentrate should treat 1,000 sq. ft. Apply every 10-14 days as a prevention treatment.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Effective on all spider mite (Tetranychidae) species.


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