BioCare® Slug Trap - Replacement Bait

Convenient long-lasting solution for your slug and snail problems!
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If you are tired of slug trails criss-crossing your sidewalk on the way to your garden or prized flower bed; if you would like to avoid damage to your oh-so delicious lettuces, seedlings, hostas and delphiniums, the BioCare Slug Trap is a convenient, useful tool. The BioCare Slug Trap uses a powdered vegetable extract bait formula that mixes with water to create an effective, long-lasting lure. Slugs are drawn into his unique, patented trap where they are captured and then drown in the liquid. Each trap comes with one package of bait that lasts up to three weeks.

Just clean out the reusable BioCare Slug Trap as it fills and replace the bait. Keeping the bait available throughout the season will eventually rid your garden of slugs as the baby slugs emerge from the eggs in the ground. Since slugs hibernate and eggs will wait to hatch until moisture level is perfect, you may need to use the trap more than one season, depending on your climate. With proper care and storage in the cold season, one trap can last for years. Replacement baits are sold separately. One package of replacement baits will last a season in most climates.

Coverage: Coverage: Use 1 trap every 150-200 sq. ft. Lure lasts up to three weeks.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:
This product is a Monitor, Trap or Lure for the following: Slugs (Mult)

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