SCD All Seasons Liquid Bokashi

Rev Up Your Compost Effortlessly - And Do It Without Odors.
  • Liquid Bokashi - 8 oz.
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  • Liquid Bokashi - Case of 16
    SKU: 1202741
  • $195.00
  • All Seasons Indoor Composter
    SKU: 1202750
  • $37.00
  • Indoor Composter w/ Liquid Bokashi
    SKU: 1202742
  • $47.95
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All Seasons Liquid Bokashi is a fast-acting, easy-to use, non-toxic compost starter and accelerator, as well as an impressive odor controller. This liquid uses water, probiotic acid bacteria, sugar cane molasses and lemon fragrance to go after decaying organic matter and replaces the associated aromas of decomposition with a pungent, slightly sweet odor. All Season Liquid Bokashi jumpstarts the decaying process, but full breakdown will not occur until the compost is transferred into a compost pile or the ground. This bokashi is ready to go as soon as you receive it; simply spray your compost to stimulate decomposition. You can use this liquid in conjunction with the All Seasons Indoor Composter (SKU 1202750), or with most other indoor composting systems.

Each 8 fl. oz. bottle contains approximately 330 sprays and should last about 2-3 months.

Try out the Indoor Composting Kit to start composting your food waste immediately!


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