SaferGro® SuperGro 1-0-4

Packed Full Of Beneficial Microorganisms & Enzymes To Bring Your Soil To Life.
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This fertilizer, biostimulant and soil activator is produced by a unique fermentation process and contains a selection of enzyme complexes and beneficial microorganisms (which have millions and millions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria).

All these microorganisms, individually and working together, can:

  • Grab the nitrogen in the air (nitrogen fixation) and bring it into the soil for the plants
  • Produce growth promoting substances that stimulate germination and healthy plant growth
  • Colonize the root zone and other parts of the soil to crowd out and rebuff plant pathogens
  • Smoothly solubilize phosphorous for improved uptake
  • Stimulate the decomposition process to quickly and efficiently get the nutrients out to the plants
The end result is a vibrant, living soil that will create robust plants and larger yields.

Suggested Uses: For use in foliar and soil applications as a biological starter fertilizer and a soil activator.


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