SaferGro® pH Down™

OMRI Listed. This Gentle Acidifier Lowers The pH In Water To Benefit Your Plants In Many Ways.
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SaferGro pH Down is designed to quickly and effectively lower the pH in water into a more acidic range for use in organic, conventional and hydroponic growing. Unlike many pH adjusting products on the market; this product is non-hazardous and can be used in organic production. A lower-pH, more acidic water has many benefits to the grower, including:

  • Removes Precipitates – Nutrients, minerals and other chemicals can form deposits (precipitates) that collect in tanks, hoses, lines and nozzles. This product will encapsulate these compounds and dissolve them back into the water; this will release bound nutrients and prevent precipitates from returning.
  • Chelating Properties – The chelating properties of this product can discourage unwanted chemical bonds and encourage other bonds that can lead to greater solubility of nutrients and improved uptake. Calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc salts will be all be more available.
  • Product Activator – High pH levels degrade the quality and reduce the effectiveness of many pesticides. For this reason, many manufacturers recommend applying in slightly acidic water (generally 4-6). SaferGro pH Down can get you to the level you need for optimum performance.
  • Cleaning Solution – In addition to cleaning up precipitates, the superior dissolving properties of this product make it an exceptional overall cleaning solution for equipment. It can be used for emergency cleanups or in routine maintenance, in/on hard surfaces, scale, rust, hard water buildup, irrigation/hydroponic lines, nozzles, hoses and more.
  • Shelf Life Extender – Due to its strong antioxidant properties, this product can be applied to fresh cut fruits and vegetables to stretch out the shelf life and cut down on losses from browning and rot.
SaferGro pH Down is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers; however, it is not compatible with calcium thiosulfate. Always conduct a jar test with new mixes before combining them in a tank.


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