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Liquid Insecticide For Bed Bugs Contains Diatomaceous Earth As A Residual Deterrent.
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This ready-to-use spray utilizes a group of powerful ingredients to eliminate bed bugs on contact and create a lasting deterrent. Castor Oil (with Glycerol) coats and suffocates, Citric Acid burns through an insect's outer protective membrane (a fatal injury), Diatomaceous Earth slices up and dehydrates (and stays on a surface residually) and the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate works as a surfactant to keep the spray on the insect. Holding all these valuable pieces together is the Oleic Acid.

Conventional pesticides with toxic chemicals generally work by attacking the nervous system of the pest insect; with continued use, there is a risk of insects building up an immunity to such treatments. In time, the only choice to becomes to use more and more insecticide. With Bed Bug Killer, this won't happen as the methods used to kill are more mechanical in that they work on an insect's basic anatomy, which will not change in response.

The Diatomaceous Earth in this product will remain on surfaces after the spray dries. It will act as a residual deterrent and cut down insects that pass through it. While this may be very unpleasant for insects, like the rest of the ingredients in this spray, it will not harm people or pests.

Bed Bug Killer can be used indoors or outdoors on multiple surfaces. White it generally does not stain, if you are applying to fine or delicate fabrics, we recommend testing a small, hidden area first.

Suggested Uses: For use as a knock-down and deterrent for control of Bed Bugs in all their life stages.


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