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Stronger, Healthier, Happier Plants Start At The Root!
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ROOT contains a highly concentrated mixture of eight beneficial microbes and a variety of other ingredients that stimulate the microbial life's growth and development. The combination of these will help plants develop a healthy and hardy root system. ROOT is fully soluble and works as an ideal biological inoculant and soil amendment for seed starting, transplanting, or strengthening established plants. Whether you are growing traditionally or hydroponically, your plants need healthy roots to thrive and ROOT will aid in allowing that by boosting bacterial colonization at the roots, which aids plant nutrition uptake and increases soil vitality. The microbial mixture in ROOT helps plants:

  • Absorb nitrogen early in the growth cycle.
  • Dissolve normally insoluble phosphorous molecules into the soil, allowing the plant increased access to this important macro nutrient.
  • Introduces Myconate® (Formononetin), a naturally occurring, signaling molecule that stimulates bacterial colonization and the growth of mycorrhizal fungi. Improved networks of mycorrhizae provide the plant with increased surface area of the root, thereby making the root system more efficient when absorbing nutrients and water.
  • Resist Disease. Trichoderma harzianum protects the plant from several soil borne pathogens.

ROOT comes in a convenient, re-sealable packet that allows you to use what you need as you need it. The 1.5 oz. packet will make 12 gallons of inoculant and the 4 oz. packet makes 32 gallons.


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