PBH Nature's Media - Rice Hulls

OMRI LISTED. Replace Peat Moss in Your Growing Media with Rice Hulls for sustainable plant production.
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Many growers have already learned that PBH/Nature's Media Amendment, a par-boiled rice hull amendment, is the ideal replacement for perlite. Some of its advantages include:

• Less dust when you mix with other substances.
• Lower in cost
• Remains stable over the planting cycle, but once mixed decomposes over time
• Packaging is compressed: 4 cu. ft. bag yields approximately 7 cu. ft., reducing storage, handling and freight costs
• Processed to insure purity: no disease, weeds, or insects
• Size, shape and bulking properties optimize aeration, porosity and drainage
• Color blends in with other media components
• OMRI Listed and WSDA registered

Growers choosing PBH/Nature's Media Amendment reduce costs, gain sustainability, and do not sacrifice plant quality.

PBH Rice Hulls add porosity to the rooting substrate that allows improved movement of water and oxygen to aid root development and reduce the incidence of disease. At 20% of the total volume of the root substrate, PBH provides similar drainage and air-filled pore space as a 20% perlite mix.  Once the volume of PBH is increased to 25% of the total volume, it provides a higher level of drainage and air-filled pore space than 25% perlite. The highest shoot and root growth occurred for plants grown in root substrates containing 20% to 30% PBH.

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