Quick Stop Stabilizer

Finally - An Easy, No-Dig Solution For That Leaning Sign Or Post!
  • Quick Stop Stabilizer - Small 7"
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In just 3 easy steps, you can fix any leaning post - the annoying one on your mailbox, shepherd's hook, business sign. It will work on your droopy garden fence –. WITHOUT DIGGING ANY HOLES! You simply straighten the post, attach the Quick Stop Stabilizer to it using the included lag bolt and drive the stabilizer into the soil.

When attaching the Quick Stop Stabilizer to the post, place it so that it's on the side that is leaning. This creates the brace. This stabilizer can be installed when a fence or post is first put up to ensure stability or when and where you see a need. You can use this tool on wood, plastic or metal, on solid or hollow surfaces. Your Quick Stop Stabilizer will require no maintenance and its aluminum and stainless steel surface will stay looking great.

You will need to purchase the appropriate size hose clamp or a ¼" carriage bolt to attach the Quick Stop Stabilizer to metal or plastic.

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