Grow !T® Clay Pebbles - 40 L, 1.4 Cubic Feet

Clay Pebbles that are ideal for hydroponics, deep water culture and drip feed systems.
  • Grow !T® Clay Pebbles - 40 L, 1.4 Cubic Feet
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Clay Pebbles provide an excellent media for hydroponic growing. These clay balls are clean, have a neutral pH, and provide healthy aeration and drainage to reduce rot. The clay provides an ideal environment for the development of healthy bacteria at the root zone that helps grow healthier plants. Clay pebbles are suitable for use in most hydroponic systems.

Try clay pebbles as media for growing orchids.

Benefits of Grow !T Clay Pebbles include:

  • Pre-washed for stability.
  • Suitable for flood, drain, multi-pot and drip feed systems.
  • Stable pH and EC.
  • 100% Exclay.
  • Suitable for use in net pots, dutch buckets and as a top dressing for pots to help reduce evaporation.

The clay pebbles measure from 4-16 mm.

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