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ARBICO Organics™ Disease Control Kit

These Three Products Protect Your Plants from a Variety of Pathogens and Pests
  • ARBICO Organics™ Disease Control Kit
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This powerful combination of products will help you fight fungal and bacterial diseases as well as a wide variety of insect pests.

  • OMRI Listed BioSafe® Disease Control – 32 oz R-T-U Spray Bottle eliminates bacteria and fungus on contact using Peroxygen. Great for the garden and the greenhouse.
  • OMRI Listed Monterey 70% Neem Oil is effective on plants to control fungal and bacterial diseases. It is also very effective on soft-bodied pests and can be used until the day of harvest.
  • Bonide® Sulfur Plant Fungicide This 1 lb. powder prevents fungal spores from germinating and controls chiggers! The micronized particles are treated with a wetting agent that makes it easy for particles to stick to the surface of the leaf. The result is better efficiency and results in controlling fungae.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Use to control: Alternaria, anthracnose, cedar rust, apple rust, bacterial spot, bacterial speck, black rot, black spot, blight, botrytis, brown rot, brown spot, chiggers, citrus red spider, downy mildew, fleas, fusarium, leaf spot, phytophthera, powdery mildew, pseudomonas, pythium, rhizoctonia, scab, scale, aphids, smut, sooty mold, sooty blotch, thrips, ticks, spider mite


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