Nitron Formula A-35 Micro-Nutrients

Breathe New Life Into Your Soil And Watch Your Production Bloom!
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Unless you are growing hydroponically, the basis of a successful garden or grow begins in the soil. With fertile, living soil you will see improved production crop after crop with less labor, less added fertilizer and fewer weeds and insect pests. Nitron A-35 acts as an enzyme catalyst and can be an essential tool for creating and keeping vibrant soil. It breaks chemical bonds in the soil and stimulates microbial life, which will result in:

  • Enhanced soil texture in clay, caliche or other hard soils. A more workable texture allows the plants to spread their roots and thrive.
  • Increased access to nutrients. A-35 frees up nutrients that would otherwise be locked in the soil. Additional nutrient content provides ample food for growth within the rhizosphere. Your plants will rejoice in these additional sources of nutrition.
  • Improved compatibility with composts and fertilizers. A-35 works symbiotically with other soil building products (EM-1, Root Build 240, etc.) to make each one work even better.
  • Improved germination. A-35 can not only improve your rate of seed germination, it will also speed up the time it takes to germinate. These stronger seedlings will also be better able fight transplant shock.

Nitron A-35 can be used around your yard, garden and farm without harm to children, pets or wildlife. Once you see for yourself how well A-35 works, you will want to use it year after year.

Suggested Uses: Use on house plants, flower and vegetable gardens, landscapes, lawns, shrubs and trees.


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