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If everything you grow, raise or tend seems to be a target for 4-legged predators, this ingenious light may be the solution to your problem. Nite Guard Solar emits a bright red LED flash of light that animals perceive as the glowing eyes of fellow predators. They cannot see or smell the other "animal", however they know a threat when they see one, so they will quickly retreat from the area that the other "animal" has already claimed.

Nite Guard works well in a wide range of terrains and for many types of creatures, both large and small. You simply place the lights outside, where they can be seen up to ½ mile or more and facing away from the area you wish to keep predators from approaching. The positioning and number of lights required is determined by the type of animal you are targeting, what you are guarding, how much area and the lay of the land.

This is solar powered so there are no batteries needed. The light in Nite Guard will turn on and off in response to light levels and recharge themselves every day. Because they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, you can and should use them year-round. Continuous usage keeps the battery charged and the units working smoothly. They should last about 3 years with nightly usage.

Here are just a few situations that the Nite Guard Solar can be used for:

  • Proven effective as deterrents for human trespassers on your home and property as they resemble home security systems to the uninformed.
  • Protect beehives, gardens, vineyards, orchards, ponds, cabins, campsites and more.
  • Effective against raccoon, skunks, beavers, coyotes, fox, deer, wild boar, bear, feral cats, owls, hawks and other animals.
  • Use as a personal security device while camping, hunting or hiking. Compact, lightweight and weather resistant, it can go where you go. Should something go wrong, rescuers can be alerted by the lights red flash, which is visible for a mile or more vertically.


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