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NS/S Tepary Bean Seeds - Santa Rosa Brown

Phaseolus acutifolius

A Rich, Nutty Flavor Makes This an Exceptional Tepary Bean.
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  • NS/S Tepary Bean Seeds - Santa Rosa Brown
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This seed comes from the Tohono O'odham village of Santa Rosa, where it was originally collected in 1981. Tepariy Beans have been a part of Tohono O'odham life since ancient times; their legends say that the stars of the Milky Way are teparies scattered across the night sky. Able to mature quickly on a single irrigation or thunderstorm, these plants have small white flowers and produce small speckled brown, reddish-brown, or purplish-brown beans. These beans have a rich, nutty, earthy flavor and are extremely nutritious. Pods should be harvested as they dry; if left too long on the plant they will pop open and disperse their seeds. Alternatively, you can harvest the whole plant when pods are turning brown, allow them to dry on a sheet, then thresh and winnow seeds. This plant is a self-pollinating annual.

Each package contains approximately 50 seeds/7 g.

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