NS/S Squash Seeds - Grey Zucchini

Cucurbita pepo

A Favorite to Grow in Arid Parts of the Southwest
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  • NS/S Squash Seeds - Grey Zucchini
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A favorite everywhere, this squash is especially well adapted to the western regions and arid parts of the Southwest and Mexico. In addition to the fruit, the flowers, seeds and growing tips of this plant are also edible, with these blossoms being particularly delicious. Greyish-green mottled fruit will be plentiful and small to medium-sized with an excellent flavor and texture. It should be harvested in the 6 in. range, but is often still tender at 18 in. Fruits can be eaten immature or mature. Fruits should ripen and mature on the vine until stem is brown and skin is hard. After harvesting, fruit should be allowed to after-ripen in cool location for 30 days. This is an insect-pollinated annual and varieties will cross-pollinate.

Each package contains approximately 20 seeds/2 g.

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