Mosquito Down

OMRI Listed. Garlic Oil-Based Pesticide With A Built-In Surfactant For Easy, Effective Use.
  • 5 Gallon Concentrate
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Effective Organic Mosquito Control!

OMRI listed Mosquito Down is a combination of Garlic Oil, Citric Acid and an insecticidal soap that kills adult mosquitoes on contact, suffocates larvae in standing water and repels long after it has dried on foliage. Help protect the environment while getting effective control of mosquitoes, flies and a wide variety of soft-bodied insects with this non-persistent, biodegradable product.

Benefits of Using Mosquito Down:

  • Affordable and Cost Efficient
  • Non-Toxic and Carcinogen Free
  • Highly Versatile – controls mosquitoes, flies and a great many soft-bodied insects.
  • Super-Concentrated
  • Rapid Crop Protection
  • Safe To Use Without Special Protective Clothing
  • Repellent and Contact Pesticide
The "secret" to the success of this versatile product is the organic surfactant (which the manufacturer markets as a stand-alone product under the name IFC) that uses nano and micelle technologies to greatly increase its overall effectiveness. This surfactant (aka insecticidal soap) is able to penetrate and carry material deep into plant and pest tissue where it has the best chance for ultimate pest control. IFC has insecticidal properties on its own, but when combined with the garlic oil in Mosquito Down, its efficacy rises exponentially.


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