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Mondi™ Mist & Spray Deluxe Tank Sprayer

Excellent Quality Hand-Held Sprayer for Ease of Use When Spraying Your Plants
  • 1.2 L / 1.3qt
    SKU: 2000100
  • $21.70
  • 2.0 L / 2.1 qt
    SKU: 2000101
  • $21.70
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The Mondi family of misters and sprayers are known for their high quality and long-life. The handles, tank, and hose are made of high quality plastic and designed for hand comfort and efficient spraying. The nozzles are brass and can be adjusted for spray strengths that range from fine mist to gentle shower.

These sprayers have a wide opening, sturdy hand pump, and easy-to-use thumb lever for spray.

SKU 2000100 has a tank capacity of 1.3 qts and comes with an extra-long nozzle that allows for spray in hard to reach areas.

SKU 2000101 has a tank capacity of 2.1 qts.


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