Mini Dragon 25K BTU Propane Torch Kit - Model# VT 1-32C

Model# VT 1-32 C- The MiniDragon - an ecologically friendly alternative to chemical weed killers.
  • Mini Dragon 25K BTU Propane Torch Kit - Model# VT 1-32C
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The all-new Mini-Dragon is the perfect torch kit for small jobs – anywhere spot weeding is necessary and you don't need a large flame. This torch kit uses a 1 pound propane cylinder (NOT INCLUDED) making it lightweight (2 lbs, without cylinder) and easy to move around.

Using a MiniDragon to burn your weeds is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical weed killers. This durable torch allows you to instantly control weeds and keep the environment, yourself and your pets safe and healthy.

The Mini-Dragon kit, fully assembled, includes:

  • 25,000 BTU Torch with non-slip grip.
  • Flame adjusting needle valve.
  • 1 pound cylinder connector.
  • Spark lighter.

Go for a slow walk with the Mini-Dragon and apply just a split second of heat that will kill weeds 1- 4 inches tall. You don't have to burn them down - if the weeds look wilted, they will die. Small weeds generally do not have a large root system and one treatment may be enough. Larger weeds may take repeated treatments because their roots are more developed. Grasses grow with extended root systems and they may return, but repeat applications will usually remove them.

Increase exposure time to the heat if weeds are wet with dew.

There are a few precautions that need to be taken when using the Mini Dragon:

  • Be careful around flowers and shrubs, since heating too close to these can cause damage.
  • Do not use the MiniDragon around any evergreens (conifers) since these are naturally very flammable.
  • Do not use the MiniDragon to destroy poisonous plants such as poison ivy or poison oak, since the smoke from flamed leaves or stems can cause a rash on skin, eyes, or lungs.

Detailed instructions are included with the MiniDragon.

Each small propane cylinder (not included) will give you approximately 2 hours of weeding time. That's two hours of slow walking, with such an extra benefit!


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