OMRI LISTED. Outstanding One-of-a-Kind Mineralizer For Your Soil! Perfect for Water Applications or Use Dry When Transplanting.
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OMRI Listed Nitron AZOMITE is a natural mineral soil amendment found in and mined from marine volcanic deposits in Utah. AZOMITE ("A to Z of Minerals Including Trace Elements") is a highly mineralized complex silica ore that is commonly used for remineralization of depleted soils. It has been used by gardeners and farmers as a micronutrient supplement for over 60 years. Known to improve plant growth and yields, AZOMITE contains over 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements.

Nitron AZOMITE is micronized into a fine powder that is easily dissolved in water for application. AZOMITE can also be used dry when transplanting seedlings, shrubs, trees and when specific dosage rates are needed in the planting holes. Does not hamper water penetration or aeration.


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