Maxicrop® Liquid Fish, 5-1-1

Contains high quality protein, naturally occurring amino acids and a variety of chelated micro-nutrients that your plants will love.
  • 32 oz bottle
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  • $13.00
  • 1 gal bottle
    SKU: 1313011
  • $25.00
  • 2 1/2 gal bottle
    SKU: 1313012
  • $57.00
  • 55 gal drum
    SKU: 1313013
  • $812.50
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Maxicrop Liquid Fish is made from fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean and contains no synthetic additives.

Rated at 5-1-1, it contains high quality protein and naturally occurring amino acids, as well as a huge complex of chelated minor elements (especially B vitamins) derived from the entire fish. Many professional gardeners recommend the use of both Maxicrop Liquid Fish and Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed. Maxicrop Liquid Fish is especially helpful in maintaining ferns and other tropical plants.


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