Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital Soil Test Kit

A Digital Device To Help Determine Your Soil pH, N-P-K So You Can Optimize Your Plants' Growing Conditions!
  • Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital Soil Test Kit
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The Luster Leaf Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit, Model 1605 makes testing your soil as easy as pushing a button! This digital tester allows you to test soil pH levels or select a specific N-P-K element to test for. It has an LED indicator and provides information by utilizing a patent-pending optical calibration system that can read test colors. Four colored test tubes, a test-tube holder, color-coded testing reagent capsules, and a dropper are provided to facilitate the tests.

Suggested Use: Sample soil 2-4 inches below surface in various locations. Prepare sample and follow detailed instructions for each test desired. For best results, use with distilled water. This kit comes with an extensive care guide to help you understand and adjust your soil's nutrient and pH levels.


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