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Large Yellow Sticky Traps, 4 Pk - 5.5" x 8"

These Durable Professional Grade Traps Capture A Broad Spectrum Of The Most Common Insect Pests.
  • Large Yellow Sticky Traps, 4 Pk - 5.5" x 8"
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To effectively control the insect population in your yard or garden, it is essential to first determine which ones have made their homes there. These UV and weather-resistant traps are designed to do just that with no mess or pesticides. There are many pest insects out there and these traps have been developed to attract the most common, including aphids, thrips, psyllids, nuisance flies, midges, hoppers and many, many more.

The color and very specific way that light reacts to the Messyless Adhesive™ on these traps, combine to create a sticky trap with a very high capture rate. These 5½" x 8" traps can be used alone or with an added attractant (such as an essential oil) or lure. They are especially effective when used with a pheromone lure to target specific pests. Use these traps to identify and monitor your insect population and keep using them to track how well your pest management program is going.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Use to attract, monitor and kill many insect species, including aphids (Aphidoidea spp), whitefly (Aleyrodoidea spp), fruit flies, fruit maggots, nut maggots (Rhagoletis spp), thrips (Thysanoptera spp), yellow jackets (Vespula spp), hoppers (Hemipteran spp), cucumber beetles (Diabrotica spp, Acalymma spp), psyllids (Psyllidae spp), olive fruit flies (Bactrocera oleae), midges (Chironomidae spp), sharpshooters (Proconiini spp), true bugs, flies (Diptera spp) and beetles (Coleoptera).


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