Delta Large Animal Sprayer w/ Extended Dual Orbital Nozzle - 48 oz

For Whatever You're Treating, Large Or Small - This Fine Mist Sprayer Can Be A Big Help!
  • Delta Large Animal Sprayer w/ Extended Dual Orbital Nozzle - 48 oz
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This Large Animal Sprayer with Extender Dual Orbital Nozzle Wand is made with BPA-free and chemically resistant plastic, creating an ideal sprayer for use on or around large or smaller animals and when you need to cover large areas. This sprayer can be used with or without the extender wand. You will appreciate the easy-locking mechanism, which allows you to continually and easily spray with just one hand. The pressurized spray and extender wand allow you to treat from a safe distance, making it perfect for use on those unruly large beasts and dangerous small creatures (like fire ants). The extender wand comes equipped with dual orbital nozzles, which can be operated independently or together for precise and maximum coverage of those hard-to-reach spots. You can use this sprayer to apply insect repellents, medicinal liquids and therapeutic treatments to your animals; or you can use it for specialty chemical and beneficial organism applications in your barn, yard, garden or fields.

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