Maxicrop Kelp Meal, 1-0-2

Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner, and Feed Additive
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Maxicrop Kelp Meal Fertilizer is derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and is one of the richest known sources of trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. This Norwegian kelp meal contains at least 60 Minerals or Elements, 12 Vitamins and 21 Amino Acids. It has been harvested, dried and processed, then blended and ground to a 14 mesh size.

Maxicrop Kelp Meal will improve many soil deficiencies when used as a soil conditioner. It can be incorporated into potting soils, seed and transplant beds, as well as composting material to improve the health of all your outdoor or indoor plants. Kelp meal adds organic matter to your soil and helps the soil retain moisture to encourage healthy root growth. The minerals and amino acids present in kelp meal will also stimulate beneficial Using kelp meal in the garden adds to the nutrition of vegetables you grow.

Maxicrop Kelp Meal can be fed to animals to improve their health and size. Many studies have been done that prove its many benefits. A small amount improves the utilization of standard feed mixes. Kelp meal enhances the flexibility and sheen of the skin and coat in dogs, cats, and horses – a good measure of overall health. See the usage rates below.

Soil Conditioner Directions:

  • House Plants: Use one teaspoon twice a month.
  • Transplanting Container Plants: Mix one tablespoon per gallon of soil or soil mix.
  • New Planting: Spread one cup per 100 square feet when preparing beds. Till down 6 to 12 inches and thoroughly water. Let sit overnight before planting.
  • Established Plants: Side dress one cup per 100 square feet. Carefully work into soil and around plants. Thoroughly water the area.
  • Trees: Use one half pound per inch diameter of the tree trunk (i.e.: treat with 2 pounds of kelp meal). Broadcast around the drip line area of the tree.
  • Lawns: Evenly spread five pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Spread with a two wheel spreader or broadcast by hand.

Feeding Recommendations:

If not already in your feed, add 2% Kelp Meal to grain (i.e. 40 lbs. to a ton of grain). Either pre-mix or place on grain by hand. If a mineral or vitamin deficiency is known, feed up to 5%. Start young animals at 1%.

  • Horses: For general feeding, add 1.5 oz of Kelp Meal to their food daily. For studs, feed between 1.5 and 2 oz. daily. Brood mares should receive 1-2 oz daily and should be hand-fed if possible.
  • Dogs: Feed 1 teaspoon per day with their food.
  • Cats: Feed ¼ teaspoon per day.


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