John & Bob's Clay & Hard Soil Kit

John & Bob's complete system of soil amendments help create a healthy living soil that will support your best garden ever!
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John & Bob's Clay & Hard Soil Kit combines John & Bob's four part soil preparation recommendation into one easy to use kit. A combination of organic soil amendments and fertilizers, John & Bob's Clay & Hard Soil Kit helps growers build healthy soil from scratch. Use it to break up compacted or clay soils, reinvigorate soil microbial life, and add nutrient content to feed new plantings. John & Bob's Clay & Hard Soil Kit includes:

  • John & Bob's Maximize – Microbes and Minerals is an OMRI listed soil conditioner derived from rich humus containing bacteria, protozoa, and fungi that help enliven the soil and improve the soil food web.
  • John Bob's Nourish - Biosol is a fast-acting, 100% vegetable sourced fertilizer with an N-P-K of 7-2-1.
  • John & Bob's Penetrate - Liquid Biotiller contains beneficial microbes and Saponin that help break up soil that has dried out, become too clay, and does not accept water. Applications inoculate the soil with beneficial bacteria, a natural wetting agent (saponin extract) and food for microbial life. This combination allows water and nutrients to properly flow to the roots of the plants.
  • John & Bob's Soil Optimizer contains leonardite based humus that is a food source for both plants and beneficial microorganisms and also helps increase plant fertility and vitality.
Available in 2 sizes:

  • Small Garden Kit (SKU 1989501) is suitable for 1000 square feet of soil.
  • Large Garden Kit (SKU 1989503) is suitable for 4000 square feet of soil.
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