Territorial Seeds - Italian Sweet Pepper

Pisum sativa

A Truly Tasty Organic and Biodynamic Pepper!
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  • Territorial Seeds - Italian Sweet Pepper
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This biodynamic variety of sweet pepper looks very much like an Anaheim Hot Pepper, long (around 8") and conical, with coloring that changes from green to red as it matures. But, unlike the hot Anaheim, this pepper is sweet. These plants produce heavily and the peppers can be eaten when green; but they are at their peak of sweetness when bright red. This Italian Sweet Pepper has walls that are on the thick side, which makes them perfect for stuffing and durable enough for frying. Try pickling them for a unique treat. Certified organic and biodynamic.

Soil Temp. for Germination: 40-75°F

Days to Maturity: 70


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