Insect Frass, 2-2-2

CDFA Registered and WSDA Certified Organic Veganic, Chitin-based Alternative to Guanos and Castings.
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Insect Frass from Organic Nutrients is a balanced fertilizer and biostimulant for use in rooting, vegetative and flowering stages. Made from insect exoskeletons and excrement, Insect Frass is full of beneficial microbial life and chitin – the substance that sets frass apart from other fertilizers. Chitin stimulates the plant's defense response leading to increased resistance to pests and disease, replenished microbe populations and boosted yields at harvest.

Benefits of Insect Frass:
• 100% organic fertilizer registered with the CDFA and WSDA.
• Comparable nutrient content to guanos and earthworm castings.
• Boosts plants' immune response.
• Perfect for indoor and hydroponic growing.

Applying Insect Frass is a simple way to reduce pest insect populations, provide balanced plant nutrition and promote increased harvests. Use in most growing environments including hydroponics.


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