Snake Scarecrow

Inflatable 6 ft. Snake Scares Away Birds.
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Keep Birds & Rodents Away From Your Garden!

This inflatable 6 ft. snake scares away birds and small animals that are attracted to fruits, berries, and grapes. Simply inflate the Snake Scarecrow and place it where pesky animals have been. Once placed, it will help you reduce crop losses and improve the quality of your harvests.

For best results:

  • Install the Snake Scarecrow before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop.
  • Place in a prominent location that is easily visible to birds and animals.
  • Move around the garden every few days.
  • Check inflation periodically.
  • Store indoors when season is over to prevent birds from getting used to the snake.
Use for Fruit Trees or Berries: Place snake on a limb where it looks as natural as possible. Use side tabs to tie down if necessary. Lay snake on top of berry bushes.

Use for Ponds, Pools or Lakes: Float snake on water surface. To anchor, attach sinker to side tabs.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Birds, Rodents


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